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Miscellaneous Properties of Polycarb Sheets

Temperature Resistance
The heat build-up of glazing materials can be seen as a function of the solar energy absorption of the glazing material and the solar intensity.

In countries with intense sun radiation, and when high energy absorbing tinted glazing is installed, heat build-up of the glazing can be considerable. Calculations and actual measurements on installed Thermoclear sheet in several projects throughout Europe have shown that sheet surface temperatures of 100°C can exist.

Dimensional Stability
Thermclear sheet is characterised by its excellent retention of impact strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, even over an extended period.

Thermoclear sheet retains 85% of its room temperature flexural modulus at 80•C.

Continious use Temperature - UL Ratings
The U.S.A. Underwriters Laboratories continuoususe temperature rating can be considered as a reliable indicator of a thermoplastic’s long-term high temperature performance. The most important properties of the thermoplastic are tested at various temperatures. Test results are extrapolated over a period of 10 years and no property may lose more than 50% of its original value. Table 7 outlines the UL-continuous use temperatures of typical thermoplastic glazing materials.

UL Temperature Ratings UL746B

Underwriters Laboratories
Continuous-use Temperature Rating
 polycarbonate 100°C
Acrylic 50°C
PVC 50°C

Thermoclear sheet has a continues-use temperature of 100•C. At the other en of the scale the minimum continues-use temperature has been set at -40•C. However, using Thermoclear at lower temperatures is possible since the embrittlement tempertature is as low as -110•C.

Fire Performance
Thermoclear sheet has good fire behaviour characteristics, and receives high ratings in several major European fire performance tests. More detailed information is available from your local GE Structured Products Service Centre or authorised dealer.

Weight Factors
Thermoclear sheet is an ideal replacement for the more traditional glazing materials. It is safe and easy to handle, cut and install and is virtually unbreakable. Its light weight offers significant savings in terms of transportation, handling and installation. When compared with 6 mm wired glass, 10 mm Thermoclear sheet offers weight savings of more than 85%.

Thermoclear sheet has shown in many applications that its lightness and ease of handling have contributed to significant savings in overall installation costs.

Sound Insulation
The sound insulation characteristics of a material are largely pre-determined by its stiffness, mass and physical construction. In accordance with DIN 52210-75, the maximum obtainable sound transmission class for a particular thickness of Thermoclear is listed below.

  Thickness mm Weight kg/m2
Thermoclear Sheet 0.8
4.5  1.0
8 1.5
10  1.7 - 2.0
16 2.7 - 2.9
20 3.3
25  3.5
32 3.8

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