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Physical Properties of Polycarb Sheets

Typical properties for Polycarbonate
Property Test method Unit Value+
Oxygen index ASTM D2863 % 25
VICAT VST/B/120 DIN 53460 °C 145
DTUL, 1,82 MPa DIN 53461 °C 135
Thermal conductivity DIN 52612 W/m°C 0,21
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion VDE 030411 m/m°C 7x10-5
Refractive index DIN 53491 - 1,586
Specific Gravity DIN 53479 g/cm3 1.20
Water absorption ATSM D570    
24 hours   % 0.10
equilibrum   % 0.35
Tensile strength, yield DIN 53455 N/mm2 60
Tensile modulus DIN 53457 N/mm2 2300

Value measured on injection-moulded laboratory sample.
Mechanical Properties

Impact Strength
Thermoclear sheet has outstanding impact performance over a wide temperature range, -40°C to +120°C, and also after prolonged outdoor exposure

Hail Simulation
As a roof glazing material Thermoclear sheet is subject to extremes of weather ; storms, hail-stones, wind, snowfalls and ice formation. Under these conditions, the product is virtually unbreakable and is able to withstand the subsequent temperature change to sunny conditions without breaking or buckling.

In a test developed by the Dutch Testing Institute TNO, samples of Thermoclear sheet have been subjected to simulated hail-stones of varying diameters without significant damage. A test sample is clamped into a metal frame 3.2 m x 4.0 m and polymide balls of varying diameters are fired at the surface of the sample using a pressurized airgun.

In practice, hail-stones with a diameter of 20 mm can reach a terminal velocity of around 21 m/s. Under these conditions materials such as glass and acrylic fail.

It should be noted that when the glass and the acrylic are tested their failure characteristics are typically brittle, whilst the Thermoclear shows ductile behavior: upon impact the ball will leave indentations but the sheet will not break. GE Structured Products offers a Ten Years Limited Warranty* on Thermoclear sheet covering loss of strength or impact due to weathering.

Hail Simulation Test Results
Material Ball diameter
  20 mm
Acrylic multi-wall sheet t=16 mm 7-14 m/s
Float glass t=4 mm 10 m/s
Thermoclear sheet t=10 mm >21 m/s
Thermoclear sheet t=16 mm >21 m/s
Equilibrium velocity of hail stones in practice >21 m/s

Physical Properties

Light Transmission
The sunlight which reaches the surface of the earth has a wavelength that ranges between 295 – 2140 nanometres
(10-9 metres). This optical window is divided into the following sections:

UV-B Middle ultraviolet region             280 – 315 nm
UV-A Near ultraviolet region                315 – 380 nm
Visible light region                                380 – 780 nm
Near infra-red region                            780 – 1400 nm
Middle infra-red region                         1400 – 3000 nm

As shown in Figure 2 below, Thermoclear has the highest transmission in the visible light.

Despite transmitting visible light very well, Thermoclear sheet is almost opaque to radiation in the UV and far infra-red region. This useful shielding property can prevent discolouration of sensitive materials such as fabrics or other organic materials placed under or behind Thermoclear sheet glazing in, for example, a factory warehouse, museum or shopping centr

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Dr. K.S. Tygai

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