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Thermal Properties of Polycarb Sheets

Sound Reduction Values

Thermoclear Sheet
Structure 2RS 2RS 2RS 2RS 2RS 3RS 3X 5RS 6RS 5X
Structure 2Walls 2Walls 2Walls 2Walls 2Walls 3Walls 3X 5W 6 5X

Thermal Insulation
The multi-wall structure of Thermoclear sheet offers significant advantages where thermal insulation is a major consideration. The hollow form provides excellent insulation characteristics with heat losses significantly lower than mono-wall glazing materials. Heat loss is normally referred to as the K-value, which is the amount of
energy transmitted through a material per square metre of glazing area and per degree temperature difference. It is expressed in terms of W/m2•K.

  Thickness mm Sound Reduction dB
Thermoclear 4.5 (2RS) 4.0
6 (2RS) 3.5
8 (2RS) 3.3
10 (2RS) 3.0
10 (3RS) 2.7
10 (3TS) 2.7
10 (3X) 2.5
16 (3TS) 2.4
16 (3X) 2.3
20 (5RS) 1.8
25 (6RS) 1.5
32 (5X) 1.4
Thermoclick 40 (4X)  1.5
40 (4RS) 1.7
Thermopanel 30 A,B,C,D (4RS/3.6RS) 1.9

Installing Thermoclear in front or behind the existing glazed window provides additional energy savings. For effective insulation, the best results are obtained when leaving a 20-50 mm air gap between the existing glazing and the  multi-wall sheet.

Glass Thickness mm Air space mm Thermoclear Thickness mm K-value W/m2•K
4 20-50 6 (2RS) 2.17
4 20-50 8 (2RS) 2.09
4 20-50 10 (2RS) 1.97
4 20-50 16 (2RS) 1.69

Double  Multi-wall Sheet Units
Extremely low K-values can be obtained by doubleglazed multi-wall  sheet units. A combination of  Thermoclear outside and  Thermoclear sheet inside, with an air gap of 20-50 mm will dramatically reduce the heat loss factor in applications such as curved and pitched roof lights.

Thermoclear sheet outside Air gap mm Thermoclear sheet inside K-value W/m2•K
6(2RS)  20-50 4.5(2RS) 1.83
8(2RS)  20-50 4.5(2RS) 1.78
10(2RS) 20-50 6(2RS) 1.61
16(3TS)  20-50 6(2RS) 1.42
16(3TS)  20-50 8(2RS) 1.39
20(5RS) 20-50 6(2RS) 1.19
20(5RS) 20-50 8(2RS) 1.16

Energy Loss Calculations

The need to reduce energy consumption, and therefore energy costs, is one of the highest priorities in any usiness today. Substantial savings of more than 50% are possible when installing  Thermoclear sheet instead of mono-layer glass. When calculating according to the guidelines given in the DIN standard 4701, an average annual saving of between 0.9 - 1.3 litres of oil or 1.0 - 1.5 m3 of gas per m2 of glazing area will be obtained by decreasing the K-value by 0.1 W/m2•K.

Table 13 shows the minimum and maximum amount of savings of fuel consumption per m2 glazing area when the K-value is decreased by varying amounts.

Note : The exact amount of annual fuel savings is strongly dependent upon the building type, location and regional environmental conditions. Local authority engineering departments usually have official data relating to average temperature differences throughout the year.

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